Your INITIAL CONSULTATION is an extremely important part of your first visit in our office.  It gives us the opportunity to understand the complexity of your particular condition and create an action plan to help.  

Your INITIAL EXAMINATION allows us to discover both the structural and functional condition of your spine and nervous system and make recommendations for maximal recovery and wellbeing.  Several tests will be performed that commonly include POSTURE ANALYSIS, RANGE OF MOTION STUDY, THERMAL & MUSCLE SCANS, SPINAL PALPATION & any necessary XRAYS.  


Once we have gathered all the necessary information the Doctor will give you your REPORT OF FINDINGS.   This will be an in-depth explanation of 1. What is wrong 2. What can be done to help 3. How long will it take to heal 4. The cost of your care.  If we have determined that you are in need of another form of treatment we will let you know right away.  

In most cases all of this can take place on your first visit.  If you decide to accept the Doctor’s recommendations for care, treatment can begin right away.  A custom care plan will be made for you to follow to achieve the best results and keep the cost of your care affordable.