Your first visit to Team?

A first visit anywhere can often be more overwhelming than we like to admit.  That first step is the biggest hurdle to wellness; so lean on us when you have concerns, uncertainties, and reservations during this first visit.  The doctors at Team Chiropractic are thorough, knowledgeable, and passionate about you and your family's health.
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Our body is a self-healing organism.
Simply stated, if you cut your finger it will heal itself perfectly from inside-out (rather than outside-in with drugs, lotions and potions). That is because there is an intelligence within the body that knows exactly what every one of your cells need every second of your life.

Payment & Insurance

This is a very touchy subject and will vary depending upon your specific policy.  Things like your deductible, co-payments and visit limits are all part of the equation.  We have also found that many insurance providers will no longer approve what is clinically appropriate for the patient, rather what is medically necessary.  In other words, they may cover the first few visits to reduce your pain but often not the reminder of your care to get you well.  Because health insurance has become more like catastrophic insurance, we have created a variety of payment plans to help reduce the cost of care and keep it affordable not only for you but for your entire family.


Kaiser Permanente
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare

We do not recommend using health insurance for chiropractic or auto insurance for oil changes. There are better options.

About Our Team

Our team does NOT use the latest medical technology, we do NOT prescribe the newest medicines, and we will NOT recommend this year's fad diet.  Nope. That's not us.  We use compassion and the purest form of chiropractic care to unlock your body's own innate ability to heal and strengthen.  You do not have a MOTRIN® deficiency.  The power that made you has the power to heal you, and Dr. Rob and our team have dedicated our lives to show you.  Now let us be your team. Read more...


Our nerve system controls every aspect of our body.
If you cut the nerve to your tooth, the tooth will die. It doesn’t matter how much you brush it, fluoride it, or go to the dentist. Without a proper nerve supply to your organs, tissues and cells, your body simply can’t function properly and sickness or disease can result.

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